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CreekSide Tree Nursery specializes in NATIVE big trees, plants, and shrubs. Boulder Colorado and Boulder County's premiere green industry business. At CreekSide Tree Nursery in Colorado we sell plants, trees, and shrubs at prices that are lower than our competition all while remaining true to our high standards and high quality. All we ask is that you compare us in person before you make your important landscape tree and shrub decisions. More tree less money.Located just east of Boulder, Colorado, CreekSide Tree Nursery provides a fully stocked retail and wholesale tree farm that specializes in large trees and shrubs. We sell trees and plants to Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Louisville, Lafayette, Denver Metro Area, Superior, Wesminster, Broomfield, Ft. Collins, Brighton, Berthoud, Thornton, Nederland, Boulder County, Broomfield County, Weld County, and all along the Front Range.

Use the navigation bar above to browse our knowledge base or shop online. Unlike other "tree farms" or "landscaping" websites, this site is more than an advertisement; We update CreekSideBoulder.com regularly with news to help you and your landscape with seasonal changes. It was designed to be used as a resource for Colorado customers. We are constantly taking suggestions and comments to better our site and its content for our customers' benefit. CreekSide Tree Nursery wants our customers to be informed and in control of their purchases before, during, and after the sale. Often we add sections to the NEWS link that reflect current weather conditions or common problems effecting our garden and yours.

Here are direct links for the planting and watering guides that reflect the seasonal changes. If you find something that is unclear, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff by phone, email, or through our “contact us” form.

CreekSide sells BIG TREES and large shrubs, however, we also have the regular or "smaller-sized" trees and shrubs that many of our customers are looking for. Whether you're looking for a small evergreen tree, a tall skinny tree, or a tree for screening out an unwanted view, with more than 10,000 plants in stock at any given time we are ready to supply you with the perfect specimen for that special spot in your yard. We could tell you we're the best but we would rather let each Tree and Shrub speak for itself. Your new plants need to be thought of as an investment which mean price should be 2nd to quality, but with that said, we are still highly competitive with our pricing. Get a Tree Not a Stick.

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