How CreekSide Began

Our story... 

After approximately two summers of hard work, Jason decided to get his business license in selling nursery stock. He had been fairly successful selling perennials during the prior summers and wanted to pursue nursery work even further by trying to make it a permanent job. The year was 1995 and Jason was only 13 years old. This is the foundation of J’s & Grant’s Plants: A hardworking, self-propelled, young boy who found that his summer job was just as fun as the times he spent skateboarding.

During the summer of 1993,

Jason considered expanding the business to make his own money. This was the easiest way he could think of to continue spending money on skateboarding. As a result, Jason began selling perennials on his parents’ property. With the guidance of his ambitious father, and the support of his mother, Jason spent his savings (birthday, Christmas money, etc) on 6,000 perennials from a company that was going out of business. Over the course of three years, Jason cared for the perennials, even up-shifting the ones growing too big in their pots, and hoped that his hard work would pay off. He placed a cardboard sign on the side of 61st St. and hoped passers-by would be interested in making a purchase. By 1995, Jason had managed to sell nearly half of his plants and although he once sold a “thistle” (on accident) to a customer who thought it was a beautiful purple flower, he had really made a go at his business.

Jason continued to grow his business each year during the summer months and he stayed in school long enough to graduate from CU with a degree in Business Management. However, the years leading up to the present were hardly easy. Around the year 1996, Jason had earned enough money to help contribute to a skate park that was built on his property. At age 15, Jason realized his job was just as fun as work. Where else could he skateboard all day long and keep watch over arriving customers at the same time? In 1998, Jason decided that he wanted to expand. He purchased around thirty 25gal trees and added to his sign on the road that in addition to his perennials, he was now selling trees. By 2002, Jason added evergreen trees to his stock and offered a planting and delivery service. While juggling school, his family and friends, his ever-growing business, and his girlfriend, Shannon, Jason had his hands full.

During the summer of 2003, at age 20, Jason was taking up approximately one acre of his parents land with around 200 new, and larger, trees for sale. He was working full-time at the nursery, in-between his classes at CU, and was employing Shannon’s brother Michael (age 16) to help with the plantings, since his stock had not only expanded in quantity, but in size. After a terrific season, Jason married his girlfriend, Shannon, in August of 2003. After their honeymoon, Shannon decided to quit her part-time jobs and join the business. That year, the couple ordered more trees than the previous year and decided to be open 6 days a week. Jason would take all of his classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Shannon would take hers on Mondays and Wednesdays. They also changed the nursery’s name to CreekSide Tree Nursery because they were selling more trees than plants and CreekSide was significantly easier to say.

By 2007, CreekSide Tree Nursery occupied more than 4 1/2 acres and held nearly 5,000 individual trees and plants. As of 2012, CreekSide has steadily grown, opeing a new office space, selling both living and cut-Christmas trees in December, and housing more than 10,000 trees and shrubs during the season. While CreekSide, as a company, is still smaller in size and younger in age than its competition, this little business has been quite successful and prides itself on having a higher quality product for a better, lower price. 


Our goal for the future is not to get bigger--it's to get BETTER.

CreekSide still reamins a dream job for Jason (32) and Shannon (31)...and their newest addition, Elijah. =)