Professional Services

We offer more than just products.

While our employees are equipped to do many jobs we have chosen to specialize in a few key aspects within the landscape industry. Here is a list that outlines the most common services we offer.

Free Professional Loading: Each plant must be handled with care before, during, and certainly as they are leaving the nursery. The process of loading a plant into a vehicle is never the same. Each plant has a different shape and each vehicle has different spaces available to load the plants into. We take pride in loading our plants into your vehicle without damaging either one.

Nursery Consultation: Our goal is link every customer with the right plant for the right job. When you visit CreekSide you will have the opportunity to consult with our educated staff to determine which plant is right for you. This process can be huge so please bring photos, drawings, and as much information as possible so we can do our very best.

On-site Consultation: While we strive to help each and every customer with finding the right tree and shrubs sometimes a site visit is the best option. If you need us to do any on-site consultation we will come out to you property and do our best to answer each and every question you have. Our rates depends on the scope of the job and distance traveled. Please ask us for details. While we can give you great suggestions, advice, and general pointing in the right direction we will not be telling you what you "have to plant". We do not create landscape plans. Our goal is to get you to best tree for the location not to design your yard. If you want more direction outside of what we can offer just ask and we can direct you to someone that can help.

Planting and Installation: Every tree requires a different approach. While some are slight, if the installer does not understand the subtleties of each plant and the steps involved in correctly installing them you may have issues with your long-term investments. We know our plants forwards and backwards.

Delivery: This can be very simple for some and a daunting task to others. We are equipped to delivery anything we sell in a safe and efficient manner. With that said we are happy to help you find additional delivery methods depending on the situation.

Professional Installation

So you bought a tree. What now?

Installation can be very difficult of a simple process if thought out correctly. We offer tools on this website for you to properly plant your trees all by yourself. It won't be easy the first time but it will certainly be done right if you follow our instructions.

Now if you want to make this process enjoyable and easy then hiring us to plant your trees and shrubs will be the best decision you could make. 75% of people that have installed there own tree in the past will hire it out the next time they purchase a tree.

There are many reasons people have us plant but the most common are below:

  • Killed the tree by not following the instructions from start to finish.
  • Killed the tree because they damaged it during the install.
  • Damaged the tree beyond repair. Sometimes this is only cosmetic but it may lead to disease.
  • Hurt themselves
  • Damaged to their property, tools, vehicle, etc...

Many people tend to think digging the hole is 90% of the job. For some situations that may be but in 99% of the cases it is not an issue. You can see from the list above that the majority of the cases are due to the trees weight. Being able to move the tree from point A to point B is the biggest hassle. It is often forgotten that these are living things and they have to be treated with a fine touch. If you beat the plant up while moving it you will kill it.

This is where we come in. Our staff is educated and prepared to do one of the most efficient and high end installation you can find in the industry. We are fast but that does not mean we cut corners. For 15+ years we have been perfecting our installation techniques to be the best at what we do. Every installation unless otherwise noted is all inclusive. This means you do not need anything else to get the planting done right when you hire us. There are no addons or up-sells. We give you a fixed price and that includes everything necessary to install the product properly.

With more than 10,000 trees planted there is nothing that we haven't seen. We know what it takes to do a great job for you.

Professional Delivery

Getting the plants from A to Bcreekside tree nursery f650

Delivery is one of the simplest services we offer. The cost is dependant on the size of the tree and the location we are delivering to.

What you can expect with our standard delivery service:
  • The trees will be wrapped or tarped to protect them from damaged during the trip. We take pride in protecting your trees from any sort of damage.
  • The trucks we deliver with are all wrapped with vinyl showing our logos and various designs.
  • A delivery is usually only a one man job. If a second operator is needed the cost will be adjusted as necessary.
  • Commonly we will deliver 10' from where the truck can drive. The truck cannot drive off-road.
  • A small tractor (Dingo) is needed to move most of our trees. We use this to off load the trees onto your property. A shaded area is preferred.
  • Any additional products purchased for delivery will be dropped off near the plants.
Specialized delivery service options include:
  • Delivery to the pre-dug hole. We will place it in the hole if dug to exact specifications.
  • Delivery to the rear of the property. We charge based on the specifics. We use google maps to determine costs involved.
  • Delivery is available outside our normal delivery hours, delivery range, and deliveries on the weekend. All charged accordingly.

We can customize the delivery to best suite your needs just ask us for details. The more specific you can be the easier it is for us to quote on the spot.

Plant Rental


If your planning a wedding, reception, party, or special event and need some GREEN to add some life to your situation then we can help. 

CreekSide Tree Nursery has 1000's of Tree's and Shrub's available for rental.

There are many reasons you may want to rent plants. Each situation is different and we will help you find the right plant.

  • We have plants that are used to screen unwanted views.
  • Trees used for creating barriers.
  • Shrubs used for table arrangements.
  • Add color with flowers or fall color depending on the time of year.
  • Use smaller and lighter Tree's and Shrub's for areas where the plants need to be carried.

We offer the largest tree rentals in Colorado. Some are so large you need tractors. These events should be planned at least two weeks in advance, however, we always try to accomodate our customers needs. Rental cost varies based on location, number of plants needed, plant variety, and plant size. Please contact us with your events date and plant needs.