Professional Delivery

Getting the plants from A to Bcreekside tree nursery f650

Delivery is one of the simplest services we offer. The cost is dependant on the size of the tree and the location we are delivering to.

What you can expect with our standard delivery service:
  • The trees will be wrapped or tarped to protect them from damaged during the trip. We take pride in protecting your trees from any sort of damage.
  • The trucks we deliver with are all wrapped with vinyl showing our logos and various designs.
  • A delivery is usually only a one man job. If a second operator is needed the cost will be adjusted as necessary.
  • Commonly we will deliver 10' from where the truck can drive. The truck cannot drive off-road.
  • A small tractor (Dingo) is needed to move most of our trees. We use this to off load the trees onto your property. A shaded area is preferred.
  • Any additional products purchased for delivery will be dropped off near the plants.
Specialized delivery service options include:
  • Delivery to the pre-dug hole. We will place it in the hole if dug to exact specifications.
  • Delivery to the rear of the property. We charge based on the specifics. We use google maps to determine costs involved.
  • Delivery is available outside our normal delivery hours, delivery range, and deliveries on the weekend. All charged accordingly.

We can customize the delivery to best suite your needs just ask us for details. The more specific you can be the easier it is for us to quote on the spot.