Do you carry seedlings?

Seedlings are not commonly sold by nurseries in Colorado.

At this time, we do not carry seedlings in stock. Why? Time is a direct factor to profit and cost in this business and with Colorado’s climate there are not many ways to profit from seedling sales. Most of the trees grown in Colorado specifically for retail and wholesale markets are grown from whips or “seedlings” brought from facilities that specialize in growing that type of plant material.

While trees can start from a single seed, and can grow that way in Colorado, there are ways to make a product better and save time and money in the process by using saplings or grafting instead. Many of these processes require specialized growing environments. This is primarily why we do not sell seedlings as a normally stocked product.

Special Order

With that said, we can special order most any plant in a small “seedling” size. However, timing is important and larger quantities tend to make it more feasible. Please contact us with any concerns or comments you have on this matter. We can special order plants just like you see in the photo below.