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Boulder Street Tree

Boulder County and City Street Tree Planting Guide.

If you are required by Boulder County or Boulder City to install trees and/or shrubs for your new home, business, or any other project CreekSide Tree Nursery will give you 25% off each plant that is being used to complete the job.

Please mention this coupon to take advantage of this special. You must provide a building permit or site plan review as proof.


Here are some of the basics when planting a tree that is "required" by the city and county of Boulder.

All plant materials must meet the following minimum size requirements:
  • Medium and large deciduous trees: at least 2” caliper (measured 6” above the ground.)
  • Ornamental and flowering trees:    1 ½”caliper
  • Evergreens:      5’ tall
  • Shrubs:       5 gal. container

Tags on Trees

  • Labels that identify the botanical or common name must be on all trees at the final inspection.

Noxious weeds

  • All landscape plans must comply with the current state weed and nursery lists. This means that plants on the state weed list (e.g. Russian olive) may not be planted and must be removed if they exist on the property

Please consult your specific guidelines for your job as some details can change from project to project.