Plant Exposure

Sunlight and wind can really effect the area in which certain trees can and cannot thrive. The following will highlight how to choose the best plants for your specific exposures. We will also detail what to look for and what to explain to our staff when picking the perfect plant.

Sunlight Concerns:

  • Typically in Colorado an area with morning sun and afternoon shade is one of the safest areas to plant.
  • Areas in Colorado with morning shade and afternoon sun provide the least protection.
  • In Colorado most plants that say they require full sun can still do great in a partial shade environment. Colorado's sun is very intense due to our elevation and most of the time our part shade is like most states full sun.

Time of Day:

The time of the day that your plant receives sunlight can also be a factor when making your plant selections. Indirect light and heat is also an issue and should be looked at with a similar concern as direct sunlight.


When picking your plant you must take wind into consideration. The summer wind is one thing but winter wind is usually much worse and can kill plants that otherwise would live. Typically the safest area to install a delicate plant is on the north-east side of your home or wall. Walls can be hedges of evergreens, fences, neighbor's homes,  and many more permanent objects. Some plants that do not like wind are Yews, Boxwood, and Japanese Maples. These are best planted in shaded areas as well.


Late spring and early fall snows can destroy trees in Colorado. Please be sure to stake your trees to prevent the smaller ones from bending to far over or braking. You should also be ready to shake off the trees branches in the middle of the night to prevent the build up of snow on weak areas of the tree. By simple wiggling the tree a few times with a broom during the snow fall you can prevent thousands in damage.

Be Creative:

If you are among the many that want a special delicate tree or shrub but don't have the perfect place then why not make one. By planting various trees and shrubs that can handle full exposure you will create a safe haven for the most delicate of plants. We can help you pick trees and shrubs that will create partial shade and full shade areas or walls to create that private oasis you have been waiting for. When you come to CreekSide we never expect you to know the exact plant you want all we need is for you to give us some idea of what you want to accomplish with your future plants. Then with some simple questions about your planting location and its surroundings we can help you pick the perfect specimen.

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