Tree Purchasing Tips

…For A More Sound Investment


This a hard question to answer for some, yet it’s easy for others. In the nursery industry, there are a few simple rules that make our life easy when we are looking at purchasing and pricing plant material.

  • Pricing is usually determined by size and quality.
  • Size, as in the tree’s trunk caliper/diameter, is relative to age in each particular variety. However a tree’s height does not always reflect a tree’s age.
  • Do not buy single trunked trees by the height of the tree. You will never know what you are getting.
  • Evergreens, multi-stem trees (some aspens/birch), and large shrubs are priced by height.
  • Most trees should be priced by the diameter or “Caliper” of the trees trunk. i.e. 2″, 2.5″, 4″ etc…
  • Also small shrubs in pots are usually priced within a variety and size of pot.
  • Try not to purchase trees and plants over the phone unless you have visited the nursery prior.
  • When possible, always visit the plants and look at them. See how they are taken care of and what condition they’re in.
  • Try notĀ to buy trees just based on the price. You will that find over time, it’s not worth it and time is exactly what you are paying for with plants and trees.

Remember when you are suprised by a price or not sure if what you want is the right thing then please ask questions, stop by and view the material, and please let us help direct you towards the right plants. Our staff has handled almost every situation and we are eager to help you.


If post-planting irrigation will be infrequent, then hardened-off field grown trees may perform better than those from containers. Container trees take longer to establish their roots in the landscape than field-grown trees. CreekSide Tree Nursery does not sell any plants or trees that were grown in the container. Please do not get this confused with “Containerized Trees” The trees you purchase at CreekSide that are in pots were not grown in the pot, they were placed in the pot for ease of transport and sale for their size. You will notice however that CreekSide sells many more B&B or Balled and Burlapped trees. This form of trees is one of the most common and is easily transplanted with great success in Colorado. By learning more about your trees and the terminology in this industry it will make you feel better that the trees or plants you purchase are the best possible for the climate and the money.