When is it ok to plant?

Often we are asked this question.

Is this a good time or a bad time to plant trees & shrubs?

We are selling and planting trees everyday and it’s entirely okay! When someone tells you this is a bad time to plant trees, typically they do not understand the difference between transplanting and replanting or the difference between planting a tree, herb, or vegetable…

Planting trees this time of year is still perfectly fine.

The trees we sell fall under the REPLANTING category and are already dug and above ground, ready to be planted at anytime. We pre-dig in the “safe season” so that planting is possible for many months during the year. Think about this: Barring a lack of water, wouldn’t a tree be happier in the ground with you, rather than in a bag or bucket at our place? =) In opposition, TRANSPLANTING is the act of digging an existing tree out of the ground and then replanting it. This is usually only advised for specific, cooler, parts of the year as the survival rate of such trees can be dramatically lessened. If you have any questions in regards to this topic please ask us! Come check us out.