Christmas Tree Care

A Cut Christmas Tree


A fresh cut tree provides beauty throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Use these tips to keep your Cut tree safe and fresh:

  1. If you’re not setting up right away, store the tree in water if possible and out of the direct sun and wind.
  2. If the tree was not cut at your time of purchase, or if it has been more than 15min from cut, you will need to make a fresh cut on your tree. The cut does not need to be more than an inch or two off the tree’s trunk.
  3. Keep the trees stand full of water at all times. Check daily.
  4. If your tree’s water ever runs out or is never being absorbed you may need to re-cut the tree.
  5. Commercially prepared mixes like aspirin, sugar, and other additives introduced into the water can help, but are not always necessary. However, we do sell a helpful tree preserver.
  6. If possible, place the tree well away from heat registers, space heaters, fire places, wood stoves, televisions, computer monitors, and other heat sources. These can speed up the evaporation and moisture loss of your tree.

A Living Christmas Tree


Displaying a live and living Christmas tree perks up the season, plus it provides a tree for your yard after the season has ended.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your tree safe, fresh, and alive:

  1. When possible, gradually introduce your tree from outdoors to indoors. You can use a porch or garage. Exposure to immediate warmth can cause it to grow and then the new growth could die when brought back outside. This will not kill your tree but it is stressful and can hinder growth for the following year.
  2. Our team has checked your tree for critters and insect eggs, but some could be hiding. In the first day or so you should keep an eye on your tree during this time and take steps that are necessary to remove any pests.
  3. Place a cloth or tarp of some sort on the floor under your tree to prevent any mess on your flooring. You can decorate around the tree to make it more festive.
  4. If possible, locate the tree in the coolest part of the room. This will allow for less stress and less water consumption.
  5. Your trees will need water on a regular basis. Treat this as any other indoor plant, but it is probably larger than most. It should need at least 8-16oz of water per day, sometimes more. The top of the root ball should be moist always to the touch. You do not need to water the tree so much that the water runs out the bottom. This will not hurt the tree but it may not be very nice to your floor. 🙂
  6. Never add nutrients or fertilizers when indoors.
  7. After the holidays, transition your tree back outdoors as you did in step 1.
  8. Planting does not have to happen right away. These trees can live outdoors in their pot until spring. Once stored outdoors again however, the tree must be watered at least once a week until planting.